Monday, 2 February 2015

Sarplaninac pups 7 weeks

The sarplaninac pups are now 7 weeks old.
As we imported a new pup from Macedonia, we thought it would be prudent to vaccinate our own pups for parvo and distemper, before the new pup arrived here on our ranch to minimize the risk of possible diseases.

The pups have also been wormed for round worms.
In a few weeks they will be heading in for their veterinary checks and additional vaccinations.

The pups are spending more and more time hanging out with the ewes and lambs in the barn.

This is a big litter, and you can see that some of the pups can use a little more attention,
this is what we will be working on the next few weeks.

We have a few pups still available for sale, so please feel free to contact us about them for more information.

Here are some of the pictures of the pups, now 7 weeks old.
We are very excited to see how these pups are going to develop and grow.
We are very happy with the type and temperament of the previous combination from this litter. 

The males are: green, blue, purple and grey
The females are: yellow, beige, pink, orange and brown.

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