Thursday, 24 April 2014

Where do the eagles go?

We live in an area with a lot of big lakes.
Our MD is called the MD of Big Lakes.
With all these lakes we have a lot of water birds,
seagulls are not uncommon here.
The most majestic of them all, is the bald eagle.

Huge, powerful and symbolic.
Every year we see numerous bald eagles on our ranch.
However, I always wonder where they go in the winter?
We see them all summer and late into the fall,
yet in the dead of winter,
when the lakes are frozen over,
they seem to disappear.
Where do they go?
Do they simply live off road kill?

They miraculously reappear,
just like clockwork,
 around calving time,
feasting on afterbirths.

Here are some eagles from this  and previous years:

 Where you find eagles,
you also often find ravens,
smart, inventive and loud.
Although missing they iconic nature of the eagle,
the raven makes up for it in its intelligence.

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  1. Louise, I read you regularly. I have a rescue Great Pyr. He doesnt work anymore, he just gaurds us and our small place. It is in Missouri near the junction of the Mississippi & Illinois rivers. We get a lot of eagles migrate here in late winter.Probably not yours as I dont think you are on the mississippi flyway. yours might be in the western flyway.

    Mike Anderson


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