Thursday, 3 April 2014

Moving the sheep in

When the weather warms up a little,
the ewes like to go walking.
The favorite spot to go to, is where the cows were being kept over the winter.
This spot is farther back on the ranch.

As the ewes are due to start lambing  next week,
I wanted them to come into the barn and get used to this new routine.

I went with Lad and Roxy to gather up the ewes,
as always, I am accompanied by one or more of the big dogs.
Vuk decided that he was the dog for the job.

As it is VERY icy and slippery,
I did not want to risk my camera falling,
so decided just to snap some
cell phone pics and video of this little flock move.

Vuk leading the way

Because I stayed back, Lad decided the ewes needed to turn back towards me

So, Vuk decided it was time to change directions,
this confused the sheep no end.
Sheep need a leader!

Aah, a leader they could follow again.

Here are a few seconds video..

Have a great day!

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