Sunday, 9 February 2014


We still have the one pup remaining from the last litter of Sarplaninac pups we had in 2013.
The litter we called the "candy bar" litter.
Well, Hershey stayed longer and has since then undergone a name change to..
drum roll..


I have been hearing good comments about her litter mates,
 and it has been wonderful to keep track of them through email, Facebook and videos.

Due to the brutal winter weather,
lambing, other commitments and a broken camera lens,
 I have not really got around to taking new pictures of her.
Finally on Saturday,
I went out, took some time, to get these pictures of
a very fluffy,
 6 month old pup.

Most pups at this age go through a blond coat color stage,
before their grey color comes in.
They also go through this crazy hair stage,
particularly noticeable over the head and ears.

Candy is for sale and I have some people making inquiries about her.
She is  a clever pup, has been well behaved,
seems pretty relaxed about most things.

She is in the ram pen with about 35 rams,
and she has her daddy to teach her how to behave.

Learning to respect fences.

Learn how to pose for pictures.

Hanging out with the boys.

Getting told off, not to look lustfully at her daddies meat

That's better!
How to get out of the way of snarky rams.

Vuk, showing how to go "incognito"

Uhmm, no not like that.

How to be on the look out,
master the far away stare.

Looking good!

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