Monday, 24 February 2014


This past weekend has been, all about
4-H with the kids.
I am the Sheep leader for our small 4-H club,
we have 5 lamb members.
They decided that wanted to organize a
Regional 4-H Sheep Day.
Traditionally, very little happens in this area for the sheep project kids,
so they decided to take the proverbial
"bull by the horns"
to organize a learning day for the  sheep kids in the Peace region.

The 5 kids,  put a huge amount of work into finding sponsors for this event.
We approached various speakers and presenters for this day,
and we organised a hands-on grooming competition.

The first clinic was given by Tommy Elliott,
he taught the kids how to prepare a lamb for show, gave reasons why you need to trim a lamb in a certain way, show prep and some grooming tips.

The next session was given by Tommy's lovely wife Rae, who explained the finer points in showmanship and handling of the show animal.
All the kids had a turn in handling and showing a sheep.
Lunch was pizza and a quiz.

While the kids were busy, we held a
cooking course
"How to Cook Lamb"
Pat Brummer, a red seal chef prepared some awesome (our) lamb for everyone to taste!


wow this was good!!

After lunch, the kids were divided into teams of two and were given a lamb to groom.
The first challenge was to halter break it, move it to its spot, and then in an hour, get it as show ready as possible. They were judged on techniques, team work, result and application of the knowledge from the morning sessions.

Once the lambs were all trimmed up, the next session was given by our local vet,
 Dr Kim,
who taught the kids
about sheep judging, how to place and  reasoning of their placement.

The kids were feeling a little tired, so the final session was a feeding workshop given by Eric.
Tired kids, sitting down in a warm room resulted in one kid falling asleep,
other than that,
 it was good session.

The consensus was that the day was fun, they learn't a lot and would like to attend another one next year.
One of the participants said they would like to do this monthly..
Uhmm.. no way, once a year is enough!

I must give a shout out to all the amazing sponsors who came forward to help us, pay for the day!
Without the small town support of these events,
 very little would happen!

Moving on to Sunday, another whole day dedicated to 4-H.
This time the club held its Public Speaking Competition.
The kids can choose to do a presentation or a speech.
Roy did a PowerPoint presentation on "Submarines and Submersibles".
Jess did a speech in the seniors category.
Her topic was "Agri-terrorism"

The kids did really well, Jess won the senior speeches and Roy was second in the intermediate presentations.
Both he and Jess move on to the District level competition, this next weekend.

This week is filled with 4-H meetings, planning of District Achievement Day,
club meetings and evaluation of the Regional Sheep day.

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