Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Irritating border collie owners

I am one of those irritating border collie owners,
that like to make their collies jump up and pose on everything.
Not, only that, but the dog then has to stand while I snap a photo.

Lad is my buddy and has to suffer through these indignation's on a regular basis.
What makes it all so much worse is that he HATES having his picture taken.
I was once reading on a photography site about taking pictures of your child.
Taking pictures of a child or a beloved animal boils down to the same thing.
The advice was, amongst a whole list,  to make sure:
  • the "subject" is in the mood
  • have fun
  • don't take too many pictures or make the session too long
  • Don't force poses
  • Respect their wishes
Yeah right, the ain't happening..

"Up Lad, go up the snow bank"
Good boy

"Now, hang out the window"

"and go up the hill"

"Pose on the old truck"

"Lad, jump on the trailer"

" Laddy, please smile"

 "Lad, stop sulking."

"Lad, come back,

The End.


  1. Ha Ha! I must be one of those annoying border collie owners too!

  2. Jenny, I suspected as much... and you also have a dog called Lad, who has to suffer these indignations, right?

  3. Oh, yes, Laddie has been taught he must pose since he was a baby! Training up the new baby, Try, now.


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