Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Time to head home

Winter came fast and furious this year.
I have been in denial for about two weeks now,
however with temperatures around -10 and snow,
I cannot avoid the fact that winter time has started.

One of the first chores to do is move the cows off the summer pasture.
Last week the kids and I moved the cows to a pasture where there was still alot of stockpiled grass.
However, with the snow we have, we thought it would be wiser to get them home.

So, last Saturday, the kids, me and Eric ( he hardly ever rides with us) set off on the horses
to gather up the cows and move them to the corrals.
The move went smoothly and the cows co-operated.
In fact it went so smoothly, I believe the cows wanted to come home.

Jess and eric gathering up some stragglers.

Allie watches as the cows come up the road.

Trailing the cows.

Roy blocks an escape route and oversees that they move nicely in the right direction.

They are heading off in the right direction to the corrals.

We spent the Sunday all day trailering the cows and calves home. Due to the bad road conditions and pile of snow we chose to let the cows out close to the barn and walk them to the winter pasture.

We were done at 7pm, and that night and following day we got a foot of snow.
We are pleased we got the job done.

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