Thursday, 9 August 2012

Round and Round

We are still haying.
It seems never ending.
Today I cut 93.6kms of hay in 8hours time.
Yesterday, I raked 80 acres (36ha) of heavy swaths.
The day before yesterday, I baled and raked for 6 hours.
Tomorrow, I will bale another 80 bales,
then move the rake to the field I cut today.
I will end the day by cutting some more.
This field is endless, I think I have just cut one third.
We still have, after this big one) at least another two big ones to go.

I do have company; a raven family follows me around looking for mice and worms in my newly mowed swaths.
A big mule deer buck was also rather interested in what I was doing.

During all these rounds, I do ponder on the meaning of life…
Do I really want to spend all my summers sitting on a tractor?
The solution, to my above mentioned rhetorical question,  came to me during round 38:
Job Opportunity:
Which young, slightly mechanically minded tractor lover would like to spend their 2013 summer ( July to September) on a sheep and cattle ranch in northern Alberta? We offer free board and lodging, good home cooked meals, plenty of smiles and some time offJ. We need help with haying. You will need to be content with being alone most of the time, must love remote areas, enjoy lots of wildlife and must be able to deal with some mechanical breakdowns without it stressing you out.
If this sounds like something you would enjoy, PLEASE, contact me.
 Signed:  Desperate in the Hay Field.

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