Sunday, 22 July 2012

What happened to last week?

Summer is Alberta is hard work.
The days are long so that means we can cram lots of work into them.
This last week is already a distant memory of long days on the tractor,
late night with kids and horses
and the constant daily chores...

We also have our home full with people; a Swiss farmstay visitor and a friend of Jess from the Netherlands.
We are right in haying season and with no one extra to help out with the haying,
and Eric's new full time job means that I am spending full days bouncing around on the tractor.
We have made some rain free bales but, this last week the hay got washed a few times after we had some heavy showers.
Eric did try to beat the rain, and baled a whole bunch on Friday night before the rain came.

We are waiting for a dry spell to get the rest of this hay dried up and baled before we start the next round of cutting.

These photo's are not of me :)

Some net wrap problems requires a bit more stepping out of the tractor to check on whats happening.

Raking is dusty work.

The flock grazing a distant pasture.

The rain has created a sea of clover blossoms that smell great.

Bringing in the ewes to the night coral.

The calves look small but infact it is the grass that is really high.
I managed to sneak up to some elk graing on a wheat field.
The elk are hyper sensitive with their babies,
 and knew that I was lurking in the trees...

The white tail bucks have thick velvet on their growing antlers,
not as shy as the elk.

Lad waiting for me after gathering the ewes in the late evening.

Well, I guess thats my last week..

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