Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy Birthday Canada

Seeing that it was Canada's birthday our local community hall decided to put on a big bash for the whole weekend!
The Saturday started off with a whole lot of fun.
Our neighbours decided that we needed some more automotive fun.
So, they decided to orgainise a demolition derby.
Roeby, my webdesigning ( friend even built her own demolition vehicle.

This is the before shot...
Aah, oh so pretty!

Our tractor was designated to be the wreck hauler for the day.

The lady drivers were particularly aggressive,
and did some serious damage to the vehicles!

The vehicle of Roeby sustained a number dents,
had it not been for a small battery failure she might even have won.

Her Betty Boom vehicle ended up a very worthy 2 nd place,
considering that this was Roebys first demo derby ever!

Here is the after shot:
Uhmmm, not so pretty after all!

The men were also pretty wild..

And the winner is:

This fine vehicle won the 8 cylinder categorie
with its lady driver the powder puff division!
This car, however never did make it  to the grudge round...
The ladies killed it!
It was sweltering hot and Jess and her friend had a ball!

to be continued...

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