Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Summer Fashions

The newest collection is in!
We will start this show with kids fashions.
Shadow is showing off his
"I am so fluffy" look.
A great accessory to this outfit is the sheepish grin!

Moving onto the newest and latest fashion styles,
a great combination of Original Balkan looks combined with some Canadian highlights.

First up is Fena with her
"Ratty" look.
A easy to wear outfit that blends in everywhere.

Next  up is Snowy, showing off her pristine white,
neat and sleek look.
She combines this outfit with a few dreadlocks in the tail area,
to add some flair to this otherwise very sophisticated look.

Beli is the one to model the all weather look.
He likes to stick with what he has and does not regularly change outfits.
His look is great for the sporty and on the go types.
He never has to worry about weather or looking different.
And here is Vuk.
He likes to strut his stuff with the most daring fashions for the season.
He shows off his two tone outfit.
Cool and breezy in the front,
wild and woolly in the back.
Vuk is the man!
And with this concludes our latest summer fashion edition.
Stay tuned for the fall line up later in the season...


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