Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sheep Shearing at Twilight

Twilight Hutterite Colony always shear their sheep just before their January lambing.
This is a big activity and  lots of friends are invited to come and watch the shearing.
The shearing takes place in one of their big barns,
(it is always fairly dark inside so the picture quality is poor, I apologise.)
The barn is buzzing with all the shearing machines and all the colony children that came out to watch, play on the wool bags and have fun.
Our 4H sheep project kids also made it out to the colony to come and watch all this activity.

Here is an impression of the shearing:


The kids just love all the action in the barn,
and I ended up taking a picture of every child on the colony ( I think).
"Please take my picture, please take my picture..."

The wool table, the wool gets place on the table and from their it get put into a bag and pressed with a hydraulic press. The wool tube bags weighed about 400 lbs.

The 4 H sheep project kids:

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