Sunday, 4 December 2011

Daily Chores (part 1)

 We feed everyday.
That helps prevent wastage and we can best monitor the feed intake and condition of our livestock on a daily basis.
With that said, the animals are also quickly into a daily feeding regime.
The cows have grain and peas for breakfast.
When I drive to the cows, they are waiting expectantly for me (actually it is the grain they are waiting for)
to come and feed them.
As we bucket feed the grain, and the cows really have no respect whatsoever for my personal space, things can get a bit tight at moments.
To give me some space, Lad (my faithful friend) helps me back the cows away so that I can feed.
He pushes them back and hold them away from the feeders.

After breakfast, the cows get hay for the rest of the day and some straw to pick through and to use as a bed!

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