Monday, 12 September 2011


This must be one of the few moments that most of our ewes are all in one group.
I only have five ewes in the barn and the rest are out grazing  in one large happy group.
The May lambs are weaned, the rams are done breeding for now and the ewes are out grazing the last of the summer pastures.

They have been rotated around our ranch this whole summer and will end this grazing season on the regrowth of the alfalfa pastures.
We have made about 1000 bales for the winter now and still have about another 100 to go.
Finally we will be  done with the baling part.
The next big chore will be hauling all these bales home..

But before we do that here are some pictures of the ewes:

This is what happens to the electric nets if you forget to put the electricity on at night,
the coyotes chew a hole through the nets!

Lad brings a wayward ewe lamb back to the flock.

Fena and Snowy lead the ewes in.

Taking a drink at the dugout.

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