Monday, 19 September 2011

Our way..

I believe that kids should be participating members of a family and not just leaches.
That means, in our house, that our kids do chores.
They help out in the house, they help with feeding and caring for the animals.
If our kids really want something they have to work for it, save their money and plan for what they want.
This last weekend was another milestone in Jess's 15 years of life.
She has spent more than a year saving up all her hard earned money to buy herself her dream horse.
She fell in love with Loretta last summer, she was allowed to ride her for that summer but after that Loretta had to go back to the Hutterites (her owners) to help with the roping and caving work last winter.
This summer Loretta came back to us and Jess was determined to try and buy her.
Loretta is a very well trained horse and the price for her was high.
Jess worked hard and finally had enough saved up to make Charlie an offer on her.
After days/weeks of deliberation, he eventually decided to sell Loretta to Jess.
She was SO happy, she was dancing on the moon!
Now, she has her very own horse, which she bought with her own hard earned money!
We are proud of her.
Now, she is starting to save for her own truck and trailer to be able to haul Loretta to barrel clinincs and maybe her first rodeos!

Atta girl!


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