Monday, 4 April 2011

Some of the animals I meet up with during the day

My morning often starts with telling the moose to move out of our hay yard.
Mostly, when he hears me, he starts to leave. He usually goes to where our cows are and continues munching down on our hay there.

Sometimes Beli likes to help with sending the moose on his way.

Then I usually go and feed the cows grain. But before I can do that, I need to chase this very cheeky squirrel on his way.

He always teases and chatters to Alaska and Tosoxs. The hate him with a passion and I am sure they hope that one day he will male a misstep and he will end up being the snack of the day!
When I drive to the back to collect hay and straw bales I usually meet up with this coyote on his way. Often he is just looking for mice around the bales.
He also usually just trots off while I collect the bales.
I am sure that the sarplaninacs would also love to meet up with him...

And, then after all the chores are done I decided to go and have a coffee with a friend of mine down the road. Their farm is overrun with deer. They have got some compensation from Fish and Wildlife to help the deer through the winter, but I am sure they did not expect so many deer to come to this free soup kitchen! At times there are hundreds of deer, eating out of the bird feeders, eating hay in the yard, sharing the grain with the cows.. 


Seen enough deer?
I still have about 300 thousand more pictures of these deer....

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