Tuesday, 29 March 2011

You cannot feed raw meat to LGD...

Some  people think that by feeding LGD (livestock guardian dogs) raw meat and bones,
they will not be reliable guardian dogs anymore.
My dogs disagree,
and so do I.
We don't feed whole dead animals to the dogs, we cut and portion
and with sheep meat we freeze the meat in for at least two weeks before feeding.

Sometimes, the bones are almost bigger than  puppy Lucy...

I am not a dog food fanatic, am not very opinionated about feeding my dogs. They mostly get dried dog food and when someone donates a  cow, or we have a dead sheep, or when hunting season rolls around and we can get deer and moose scraps, even the odd fish on occasion, my dogs get it.
I suppose I would call myself  an opportunistic feeder.
If I don't have meat, the dogs get kibble. If I run out of kibble, I will raid the dog freezer for meat and bones, if all else fails, they may just end op with an egg for lunch.

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