Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Lessons and wishes from the guardians

The last day of the year is generally a time of reflection,
 a look back at what has been,
and a hopeful wish for the future.

Although New Years Eve is just another night and New Years Day is another day, 
with chores to be done, dishes to be washed, laundry that needs doing, 
it is a day filled with hope,
and the glorious possibilities for the future.

So, these are some lessons,
 and wishes for you, and for me,
 for the new year!

Love the people, who love you.

Loyalty is everything.

Feel safe and protected by those who surround you.

Kindness is happiness.

 Family, tribe, pack, clan, network:
whatever you call it, whoever you are,
we all need one!

Be grateful for good friends.

Be courageous, lead the way!

Make new friends

Spend time with those who appreciate you.

Be brave, even if it is daunting.

Look out for others.

 Have some fun, be silly

Share a meal and have a drink, together.

Take time for yourself, enjoy the beauty around you.

Smile and laugh whenever you can.

Face the new year with determination and excitement!


From, Louise and the Guardian team a very happy 2020!

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