Thursday, 31 August 2017

Puppy update 6 weeks: Meet and Greet

The six week milestone has been reached.
This is the time I really like the pups to get out and meet new things, build experiences and explore a larger world.

The pups have sheep in the barn to see and watch, the old red cat comes and visits and they have mom.
This week I wheelbarrow-ed the pups way back into the bush to meet some of the other sheep, meet the other big dogs and visit with the collies.

The meeting the other dogs went great. Vuk, the dad came and said a brief hello but then mooched off to watch all the puppy shenanigans from a safe distance. Mali was a little aloof, but kept a good watchful eye out for them. Silver, who is almost a yearling now, was most intrigued by the pups and spent most of the time hanging out with them.
The pups found Ash the collie interesting, but as Ash was mostly off looking to gather some sheep he was not too involved with the pups.

The ewes are grazing in very thick bush and it is hard to find them, so ultimately only 2 ewes came to the meet and greet.

Here are the photo's from this day.



Dark male

Dark female

Dark female


Large male

The next day was VET day! All the pups were vaccinated and had their first health check and all looked great. This was another new experience for the pups, travelling for 2 hours in the truck, in the clinic and getting cuddles from Dr Chris and staff.
They are now microchipped.

Every day their learning experiences expand it it is such fun to see them growing and changing.

And, cutest photo of the day!


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