Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Some interesting reading about LGD

A small scale study conducted in Australia looking into "how" LGD work... It was found in this study that it is not as territorial as some people think, as the dogs did not seem too concerned about predators entering their territory, however they did reduce /prevent large scale predation by "shepherding behaviour and boisterous vocalisations of guardian dog".
Brings some interesting discussion points to mind about close and territorial guarding, predator dog interactions, displacement of predators, terminology ( they authors talk about shepherding behaviour in LGD).
Would be interesting to redo this study here in Canada with the larger and different specie predators such as cougar and bear. Looking at various husbandry measures would also be interesting; range land, cut block vs pasture set up, various LGD breeds, perhaps the maremmas are less territorial than some other breeds?
 Any summer student looking for a research project? Here is the study:

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