Thursday, 19 November 2015

No one was ruined, by all the fun and games.

Whoever said;
 that petting LGD would ruin them,
obviously never had LGD worth a damn,
 or loved their dogs enough to want to pet them!

So, for our young Meco, when Roy comes into the pasture it is play time.

It is a meeting of equivalents.

Meco and Roy are at the same stage; pubescent teenage stage.
One moment all serious and the very next moment it is back to being just a kid/pup.

well even that is the same for both;
 breaking voices, big , strong and gangling.
Somewhat out of proportion and lacking grace.

They can relate to one another.
They understand that roughhousing together,
does not ruin the kid or the dog.

In fact, it is good for the soul.

I love you Roy..

and, I want to wrestle with you..

and, lick you

and, hug you

and, take selfies together

 and be BFF 

Now, can we go and play?


Can we play tag?


Your "it"..

Are we done?

are you sure?

Bye Roy,
Bye Meco.


and, then Meco went back to looking after his sheep,
barking at yotes,
protecting the horses.
No one was ruined, by all the fun and games.


  1. Love the selfie shot! Our Hank likes to play a little too :-).

  2. That is exactly how I feel about my Maremma, Bess! She is eight months, and I am far past a kid, but we are definitely on the same wavelength! We wrestle, chase each other around, play mock monster games, and watch videos on the couch together. However, most of the time, she is outside taking care of the sheep, cattle, poultry, border collies, and me!


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