Friday, 28 August 2015

Brabant Horses

A little history, some name dropping and some types.
All gross generalizations, but does give an idea about these horses.

The draft horses that is primarily found in both Belgium and the Netherlands is called a Belgian draft horse. If you live in the Netherlands they are called Dutch Draft Horses ( Nederlands Trekpaard).
The Belgiun horses generally found in the US and Canada are most often sorrel with a flaxen mane, these are generally called Belgian horses, but back home they are called Flemish Horses ( Vlaams paard)
The smaller stockier frame horses ( around 15hh) are often called the Ardenner or Brabant.
The Ardennes is a region of Belgium and Brabant is a province in the Netherlands.
All the variations are generally regarded as sub categories of the overall Dutch/Belgian draft horse.
The Flemish horses are generally speaking bigger hitch horses, where the smaller types are more often the work horses, found logging and pulling farm implements. The taller, heavier types were often used to pull cargo in the barges from the harbors inland.
Breeding between types is acceptable , and all can be registered as a Belgium Draft horse.
Confused yet?

All these horses are Belgians.
Sugar is a typical sorrel/blond Belgian:

Carmen is an Ardenne Type:

Missie is a Brabant Type and often roan colored:

Anyway to make life simple,
these Brabant horses are the smaller type draft horses with a super calm temperament.

We started out with a black pair of Ardennes type back in the Netherlands. Our team once walked from Antwerpen in Belgium to Amsterdam in a parade pulling beer wagons for PALM beer.
Our horses were used to pull wagons, logging and some field work.
Eric did some riding on the one mare we owned.
When we moved we sold Carmen.

After, 7 years here in Canada, Eric decided it was time to get another Brabant/Ardenne type draft horse.

After some looking around, we bought a Flemish type sorrel mare called Sugar.
A couple of months later Eric got an opportunity to buy a bay roan mare called Missie,
and was allowed to lease a stud called Expo.

Our trip to Missouri was to collect Missie and Expo.
While down in the states we got to see more of these drafts and of course had an opportunity to visit with some breeders  of these horses.

With the acquisition of Missie and Sugar, we hope to have a start in getting back into the Dutch draft horses.

So, here are some more pictures of some of the horses we saw while in Missouri.

Rusty's Horses:

David's horses

Stud "Big John"

The little black is a teaser stud pony


Missie and Maddie


Expo meeting Sugar

Missie in Alberta
This is the stud we leased "Expo"


Missie and her mom, on the left.

Some Brabant babies from the stud Expo.

Expo and Rusty
Visiting David and his herd.




Well, I hope you have enjoyed this photographic tour of the horses we saw!


  1. I saw my girls Bugsy and Belle in your pics! They're wearing the maroon and white halters ;)

  2. They are the most beautiful. I hope to own one again one day. I didn't know that there were breeders in the US. I have looked but no one wanted to sell.

  3. Louise, it's great to see all these wonderful pics. Just to let you know the Brabant Association is starting a herd book up and we have several Canadian members. The herdbook is for everyone member or not. We are having our Field Day July 7,8,9, 2017 in Victor Idaho if that is close.


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