Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Calving time

I have not go around to blogging much recently, simply because I am really, really busy.
 I love blogging so it feels like this huge void. 
Another reason, is that my camera broke, 
so have not had any good pictures to share along with all the ramblings I do.

Calving has started. 

The area where we are calving is at the back of our ranch, lots of bush and has predators coming and going.

This means that some of the LGD have cow/calf duty.

Vuk is an absolute natural when working with the cows and babies.
He knows how to mooch about in a totally non threatening way,
 he is respectful of mad momma cows and understands the need to give them space.

His demeanor is calm, he walks in a non confrontational way, should a cow give him the stare down he generally just moves over a little to get out of her fight zone.
The occassional cow does threaten him, and he will stand his ground, and give a warning
"oeff" sound and then carry on his way.

Calving is going well.
So, far just one first timer,  that does not care much about her calf,
this requires some intervention on my part to ensure the baby gets enough milk from his mom.

I posted some pictures on facebook of the cows in the stormy weather.
All these pics are cell phone pics.

Spring has come early,
the days are balmy and I am enjoying the mild weather.

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