Monday, 10 December 2012

Shadow Man

I posted these pictures on facebook last week of our Shadow.
He is fast becoming one of my favorite dogs,
not that I like any of the other dogs less,
just some have a way to worm their way right into your heart.

This was just a few months back:

He is a puppy from Snowy and Vuk and is almost  a year old.
He is one BIG boy.
He has the nature that I really like to see in a Sarplaninac.
He is calm, controlled, great with the stock and
...very huggable!

I am proud that we have bred him and look forward to see how he will mature.


  1. Boy he got so dark! So very cute!

    1. Hi Jenny, all sars go through a very blond stage at about 4 months. It takes them about a year to get the coat colour they were intended to have..

  2. He is beautiful as are all your dogs. When I see them I wish it felt more feasible to get our next dog or two from you. We are in the NE of US. I have 3 year old brother and sister but the sister has some hip issues and is unlikely to be an active guardian too many years more. I still can't wrap my mind around how another dog would be accepted by them.......but will somehow figure it out.

    Love your photos, admire your dogs! Great New Year wishes photo essay! Gave me the first giggles of the day when I read it. Thank you!


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