Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Good Intentions..

I am running behind in blogging due to a VERY poor Internet connection.
Honestly, it drives me crazy!
There are just way to many days that we cannot connect to the Internet.
I have the very good intention to phone and complain tomorrow!

On Jan 1st, I also had the very good intentions to keep up with the book keeping,
as tax time is here I have been scrambling to get it all done.
I intend, from now on to keep up to date!

We have a really old cow.
She should have been shipped eons ago.
However, despite all those intentions,
it did not happen.
And, now she is pregnant.
So, Eric and I decided to help the poor girl as she was rather thin.
We would move her into the barn,
into the lap of luxury...
warm, plenty of food and water and lots of TLC.
So, I started to move her nicely along to the barn,
when she had a change of heart.
She decided there and then that I was the enemy!
The old bag started charging me and trying to kill me.
I scrambled to safety through the mud, but the old gal decided to keep going.
So, I jumped behind a tree.
When I ventured out again, she put the run on me again.
Eric was having a good laugh sitting up on his safe perch in the tractor.
I gave him the evil eye and he came down to help.
I then decided to whip out my camera and watch him scrambling away from our geriatric raging old cow, all while I was laughing and making pictures!

So, once again despite our well intended actions, the cow is still out in the bush.
I bring her a pail of feed everyday...
I am a slave to a geriatric crazy cow!

And, now a quick update:
  • we have a new student called Barbara, from Switzerland
  • she arrived yesterday and today she had to catch close to 300lambs.
  • we vaccinated all the lambs today.
  • she has muscle ache
  • our twin calf died, despite my hard work to keep her alive.
  • we have another new calf
  • it has a nice natured momma, without murderous intentions
  • two weeks ago we still had all of these:

  • since then another pup joined the jet set club.

  • the great thing is that Minka has gone to another great home!

  • we only have two pups left, Shadow and Zina (pictures to follow soon)
  • Jess is getting a lot of driving as she will be doing her test next month

  • this is scary
  • last year this time we were halter breaking 4H steers,
    this year we are halter breaking 4H lambs

  • Jess was given a horse for her birthday, from a friend not from us!
  • He is black, sweet and bright. His name is Ace (photo's to follow)
And, that just about wraps it up for now.
Hope you all had a great Easter!

1 comment:

  1. Tell Jess that since she's taking her drivers test, she won't need that new pony and I'd be happy to take it off her hands:)


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