Friday, 10 February 2012

The coolest man on earth has passed on.

A small tribute
to someone who,
I would have liked to have met.

Many years ago I was once a member of the South African Falconry club.
I never owned or even hunted with a falcon,
however I did go on a number of hunts with them,
watching them fly their hawks, eagles and falcons.

I have always kept a side line interest to falconry and started following the blogs of Stephen Bodio Querencio.
This blog combined two of my interests; falconry and sheep ranching.
 Cat Urbigkit (a sheep rancher in Wyoming, photographer and author) would also write guest blogs here.

Through their stories and wonderful photo's we got to meet Aralbai.
He is an eagle hunter in Mongolia.
He was once regard as the "coolest man on earth",
and in my opinion that is undeniable!
Although I do not know him,
I was sad to hear that he had died,
for those who knew him,
my sympathies.
To see more wonderful photo's of Aralbai 
go and visit the Querencio blog.

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