Saturday, 20 April 2019

Puppies Kushi x Mali

The pups are doing very well. Here are some individual pictures of each pup.

The dark male and the gray male:
The darker male is a little bigger than the gray boy. the gray is perhaps a touch more outgoing. Both are calm and easy to get along with.

Females Green and Yellow:
Green is a very sweet pup,  a middle of the road type of pup, not the first to be out exploring but also not the shyest pup either.

Yellow, is a bit more independent and likes to go on small adventures, and is not concerned about exploring her world around her.

Pink and Blue:

Pink is most similar to the yellow girl. She is happy to play and explore a new environment. A very attractive dark pup.

She is a real sweety. She seems a little more gentle in nature. A bigger pup, but definitely more cautious with new experiences. She waits to see if the coast is clear before heading off to explore. A more reserved pup in nature.

Next up are Black and Two white socks:

Black, is another middle of the road pup, she is the smallest of the bunch. She looks like she will be a black coloured pup with just very little sable-ling on her legs. She is has an interesting character, as she is not the boldest but does seem rather independent.

Two socks and white/ dot on chin:
She is a family favorite simply because she is a cuddle bug. She is easily recognizable among all the super dark pups. She will just come and hang out with you when you sit with the pups. She would be a middle of the road pup. Nothing about her stands out as regards independence, boldness or shyness.

One of the bigger gray girls. She likes to motor along and get to see things. She is fairly calm and confident in the things she does. She is on the move!

The differences between all these pups are really small. None stand out in super bold or super shy.
The differences are more subtle. All are super confident in the barn with the lambs.

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